Exploring the world’s largest VW breakers yard in California

Posted on May 01 2018


In this exclusive feature, we take a rare look inside a treasure trove collection which was once the largest VW breakers yard in the world.

The team from Superfly were in for a treat when they received a tip off from classic car fanatics Panscrapers. Superfly were invited to visit what was at the time the largest VW breakers yard in the world. It was soon scheduled for closure, and so the little time spent in this graveyard of history - this great expanse of write-offs and forgotten treasures - was a bitter sweet pleasure.

Cool Flo / Superfly

The breakers yard opened up into a labyrinth of smooth curves and forgotten rides as far as the eye could see

The location: Hespiria, a short drive from Los Angeles, into the heartlands of California. The notorious Cali sun beat down upon the hard brown earth, with blue skies stretching to the horizon.The Superfly team arrived at Small Car Connection - the secretive breakers yard they had traveled so far to see - only to be greeted with   a “closed” sign at the entrance gate! The team had come too far, and were too excited, to give up here. Before too long, the owner left his office, and just like that  they were in! The yard was to be closed off to the public for the day in order to take stock, so the guys had free rein to take in the glorious views, and snatch some fantastic photography in the meantime - they couldn't believe they're luck!

Cool Flo / Superfly

The breakers yard opened up into a labyrinth of smooth curves and forgotten rides as far as the eye could see. Specks of gleaming metal shined out amongst the heaps of rust, equally as appealing to the eye - absolute paradise! Bouquets of beaten up bugs lay beside rows upon rows of campers and panels. Literally scores of campers equal conditions were lined up along here as you can see in this picture.

Cool Flo / Superfly

After the owner Chris greeted the Superfly gang with some easy and welcoming conversation, Superfly were left to look around and take in the scenery, wondering where they like in VW bliss. The size of the breakers yard did not disappoint! VW Beetles, campers and panel vans, Golfs, and Passats were spread wild, as well as one lonely buggy, plus a few Karmann Ghia and Porsche! What’s more, the place was totally loaded with spare parts everywhere!

Cool Flo / Superfly

As a VW fan, it’s easy to see why this place was so enchanting

The above and below have to be among our favourite images from the shoot that day. Check out the arrangement of those side doors! Colours so crisp against the Californian horizon, like a candy store. And below, what stands out for us is that iconic desert ground framing the iconic VW Beetles, with the loveable campers sitting right behind them! There’s so much to see here.

Cool Flo / Superfly

The team were under the hot Cali sun for gone 2 hours. They knew that once they left the place, they would never be able to return - the breakers yard would soon be closed to all, relocated, and scaled down. As a VW fan, it’s easy to see why this place was so enchanting. As a haven for VW enthusiasts, it teases your imagination with new project ideas. You may take your time here, to take it all in, or you simply rush around between the cars, feeling like a kid again. You can’t help but wonder, while you walk around the place, if among the scatter of classic cars you find that one ride you’ve always hope to find. That maybe your dream car is just around the corner.

Cool Flo / Superfly

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With thanks to Superfly Magazine for collaborating with this feature.

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