About Cool Flo


The origins of Cool Flo started back in ‘89 when the three brothers went to a VW show for the first time and literally caught ‘the bug’.

Having grown up in a close family unit, the Carter bros shared many of the same interests, following in their father's foot steps for a love of classic cars and the great outdoors. So it was quite natural that Volkswagens, amongst other classics, became a shared passion from that moment onwards.

 Cool Flo's silver Porsche on the starting grid at Goodwood race track with other classic cars in the background.

It wasn’t just the lines of the vehicles or the sound of an air-cooled engine that got the three brothers hooked though; it was the friendships made, the sense of community and lifestyle that goes hand in hand with owning a classic.

Scottie, Darren and Jamie have worked together for years, grafting hard, saving up and building their collection of classic cars. They make time to play hard too though, whether it be world travel, camping in vans, surfing, riding BMX, snowboarding or kayaking; it's all about where the open road might take you. 


The three Carter Brothers, founders of Cool Flo, on a snowy mountain with their snowboards and a blue sky backdrop.


The Cool Flo script logo is now recognised globally.

Using their eye for detail and the distinctive Cool Flo script (found hand- painted on the side of their VW buses), The Carter Bros set up the Cool Flo Clothing Co. to produce a range of high quality apparel and accessories for all those who love to live life on the move.


At the Cool Flo 'HQ' in the UK, the Carter Bros oversee each step of the design process of Cool Flo apparel, from initial concepts to sourcing fabrics through to manufacture. Strong partnerships have been formed throughout the automotive fraternity over the years, extending the brand name over many genres throughout the global automotive demographic.

Cool Flo's ‘grass roots’ brand was born from a passion. It is for everyone, everywhere.


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