Cool Flo Rider: Tim Prescott 

Posted on July 03 2017

Backflipping skateboarder Tim Prescott joins the Cool Flo Riders.

Tim Prescott - Cool Flo Rider

We’re stoked to have you in the Cool Flo Riders line-up Tim. Mind introducing yourself to our followers…
My name is Tim Prescott, I was born in Norwich and live in Ramsgate. I've been skating since I was 11 – I’m now 21. My local skatepark is Revolution skatepark and my favourite band is the Arctic Monkeys.

Why did you get in to skate?
Ever since I was little I always wanted to skate. When I was 11, after begging my foster carers, they took me to a skatepark. The rest is history.

Who inspires you to do what you do?
Sounds cliché but I grew up watching Tony Hawk and Danny Way! Always thought it was crazy how Danny pushed the limits of skateboarding.

Can you give any tips for those looking to start out?
Just do it, skate what you want to skate and how you want to skate it!

What’s your signature trick?
Backflip Superdude or Backflip Christ Air

What’s been career highlight to date?
Landing the world’s first Backflip! 

What else are you into?
Surfing, cars - pretty much anything to do with sports.

What events are you most looking forward to this year and why?
NASS festival because I've really pushed myself this year to compete. I also get to share a beer with some of my favourite skateboarders too!

And what’s the best thing about riding for Cool Flo?
Love the style and how everyone seems pretty cool.

What’s your favourite item from the current Cool Flo clothing collection?
The new baseball shirts look rad!

If you had access to a Cool Flo camper van for a month, where would you go and who would you take with you?
Oh, for sure I would go on a road trip to a few skateparks around the UK. And then end up in Cornwall to surf and chill with good mates.

You can follow Tim via his Instagram and YouTube channels.