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Spike's Vintage Restorations

The man behind Spike’s Vintage Paint is international multi-award winner Andy Finch. Andy is also known as Andy the Paint, and Spike. And those who know Spike will be familiar with his work ethic - work hard and play hard. It's down to this principle that Spike now feels lucky to be in the position where he has followed his passion and turned it into a successful business.

From the age of 16, Spike knew that he wanted restore and build classic cars. He started his career working for prestigious companies like Mercedes Benz, H&P Motorsport and JD Classics. It was during this time that he crafted and perfected the basis of his skills, before going on to set aside the restrictions of employment, flying solo to show the world – quite literally – what he is capable of when it comes to restoring, building and painting cars.

Spike’s first build was the famous ‘Cool Flo Cooler’ for the Carter Bros. at Cool Flo in 2012, and that’s when the next chapter began for him and his paint and restoration company. 

Spike is predominantly known for his love of all things air-cooled, but he also works on an extensive catalogue of the world’s most prestigious cars of all eras, including the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. The reputation Spike’s Vintage Restorations has built up has seen clients from all walks of life, and all over the world. To date, the furthest SVR have received a vehicle from to work their magic on has been shipped especially from Hong Kong.

Cool Flo produced Spike's Vintage Restorations with printed hoodies and tees for promotion, and teamwear in the workshop.


Spike's Vintage Restorations - Cool Flo Partner
Spike's Vintage Restorations - Cool Flo Partne
Spike's Vintage Restorations - Cool Flo Partne


"We've been good friends with the Carter Bros. at Cool Flo for many years now and can't think of a more genuine hardworking bunch of guys. We love their work ethic and what they've achieved with their family-run brand. Their quality is second to none and we're all about quality - so an absolute no-brainer to utilise the Cool Flo product for all of our teamwear and promotional apparel."

Andy Finch - Spike's Vintage Restorations

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