Cool Flo Partner - RADBMX

RADBMX - Cool Flo Partner

RADBMX started way back in 2002 out of a shared love of Old School BMX (OSBMX). Billy Stupple, Dave Giller and Oliver Barrett helped create the now legendary ’RAD Forum’. This became the place for the first generation of UK BMXers to share their knowledge and passion, show off their bikes and builds, to buy and sell rare parts and to eventually meet up in person.

A gathering at Dartford Heath led onto a group meeting up and camping at a race meet in Bournemouth. The following year, the numbers at Bournemouth had grown and a new, more suitable location was needed. With support from Matt Wickham and Milton Keynes BMX Club, Milton Keynes would be the new home for the yearly meet, hence the ‘MK’ series was born.
In 2013 the baton was handed over to Nick Wilson and Richard Naylor, who with much effort and enthusiasm, took ‘RAD’ and the ‘MK’ series the next level with the event growing year on year to become the UK’s, if not Europe’s, largest and best OSBMX Event.
RADBMX has itself now become a large part of the UK’s BMX history and is bigger and stronger than ever in 2020. It now has 8000 members who come from all four corners of the globe. RADBMX also organises a full calendar of very popular rides up and down the country throughout the year.

Utilising Bob Haro original designs, Cool Flo produced printed tees and embroidered caps for MK events.


RADBMX tee by Cool Flo - 2016
RADBMX tee by Cool Flo - 2017
RADBMX tee by Cool Flo - 2018


"In 2016 it made perfect sense for RADBMX to share a synergy with Cool Flo and fellow creative and BMX Legend Bob Haro (a guest star at MK16). Shared brand values made it an effortless fit. Cool Flo created a great series of high quality tees and caps using Bob Haro’s artwork. This collaboration has successfully been repeated and Cool Flo’s excellent work has become truly synonymous with both the RADBMX and ‘MK’ brands. Long may this fantastic partnership continue."


Current RADBMX Team Owners
Nick Wilson Richard Naylor Carl Barnett
Andrew Rigby Antony Frascina
Overseen by the Founders
Billy Stupple Dave Giller Oliver Barrett
The Radmins Team
Bob Pev Jaymz Chamberlain Nick Swannick Steve Hateley Ashley Little Keith Williams Clint Pilkington Gary Smith Mike Bennett Brett Jones