Cool Flo Partner - Hebmüller Registry

Cool Flo Partner - Hebmüeller Registry

Back in the 1980s Hebmüller enthusiasts in both England and the United States collected information on Volkswagen Type 14A and started a registry.

The original Hebmüller registry site was created many years ago with a simple static online photo album to depict the surviving known VW vehicles. Since important historical information has been collated and technology has progressed, we decided the time had come to revise this portal. The Hebmüller family itself has kindly provided their assistance and support throughout the creation of this project.

Historical information provided by Hebmüller means that we now cover not simply the VW based vehicles, but every brand and model of Hebmüller. You will find specific marques and models documented as extensively as possible. You will now be able to view up-to-date and detailed photographs, along with any period vehicle photos from the past that are available to us.

Another highly beneficial addition we have incorporated is to include restoration photographs. These pictures highlight important manufacturing variances, the goal being to catalog any differences or changes in production. Our work, we are happy and proud to say, brought together the most respected and knowledgeable Hebmüller experts in the world. We express our gratitude to Bob Shaill, Bob Gilmore, Klaus Jacobsen and Steve Dressler, who provided important info and support and ensured we are now able to provide what we set out to provide – the most comprehensive registry, information base and archive on the Hebmüller Karosseriewerke online.

Cool Flo produced embroidered polo shirts and baseball caps for the Registry team and its members.


Cool Flo Partner - Hebmüeller Registry
Cool Flo Partner - Hebmüeller Registry
Cool Flo Partner - Hebmüeller Registry


"We've known of the Cool Flo brand here in Germany for many years, with their authentic links to the VW culture and an eye for absolute quality, they were the only choice for us here at the registry. We are very happy with the product and service provided."

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Hebmüeller Registry