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Posted on February 13 2017

We’re super jealous of this Rocky relationship - a honeymoon adventure across North America in a 1969 VW camper called Rocky.

Michael and Andrea are both photographers based in the UK. The couple got married in a small ‘secret’ wedding back in 2015, choosing to put the majority of their wedding budget towards one memorable honeymoon - a road trip across North America in a 1969 VW campervan.

This Makes Us Stick - Cool Flo

This Makes Us Stick - Cool Flo

This Makes Us Stick - Cool Flo
"The photos above were taken whilst beach camping in California in the Carpinteria and Malibu area. We'd often wake up and open the curtains to see dolphins swimming in the ocean. We’d chill during the day and have campfires, BBQs and play tunes throughout the evening."

They bought their campervan ‘Rocky’ the same year as their marriage, taking another 6 months to get the VW prepped for their road trip together. Rocky was eventually shipped from the UK to the Nova Scotia in Canada where Michael and Andrea's on-road adventure would start. The couple lived in their VW Bus zig-zagging through the United States. In between visiting Stateside friends the couple headed for National Parks as well as picturesque beaches and mountains. “We met loads of cool people and vdub owners and made it all the way to the Pacific coast.”

This Makes Us Stick - Cool Flo
“Taken outside the little surf shop in Carpinteria - a small Cali town with a cool vibe”

This Makes Us Stick - Cool Flo
“This was taken on a awesome camping spot at Big Sur whilst I was parking up the bus to make it level for sleeping”

This Makes Us Stick - Cool Flo
“The edge of the ridge at Horseshoe Bend, a pretty amazing place where the river has created something beautiful”

This Makes Us Stick - Cool Flo
“Our most memorable place for lots of reasons. This was the Oregon coast overlooking Hector Lighthouse from above the sealion caves. The rich greens of the winter trees set against the deep blue Pacific mixed full of sealions playing really captivated us. It was in the same spot our motor died!”

Michael, Andrea and Rocky are currently in British Columbia for the winter and we wish them the best of luck on their onward journey together. You can find out more about Michael and Andrea’s work via and be sure to check out their Instagram for some truly inspiring photos.

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