Cool Flo Rider: Miguel Pargas

Posted on February 07 2023

Cool Flo Rider: Miguel Pargas

Miguel Pargas - Cool Flo Rider

We are very proud to announce that award-winning flatland rider Miguel Pargashas has joined the talented Cool Flo Riders team.

It’s fantastic to have you on the team Miguel. For those who haven’t yet heard your name can you give us an introduction to who you are and where you come from.

I'm from Caracas, Venezuela in South America. My mother tongue is Spanish but I also speak English and Portuguese. I've worked as a Personal Trainer for more than 15 years, I love to do Yoga, build puzzles. I love the sea and all that’s related with it. I also admire Elephants, especially Lord Ganesh!

I'm married to an awesome woman who I would like to keep next to me all my entire life - sharing all the good and bad. I'm a friendly person and helping people is one of my gift. I'm an enthusiastic guy who can cheer up anyone, even in the worst day.

So how did you get into flatland?

16 years ago (2001) I was watching the Disney Channel when I saw someone riding a BMX bike doing some crazy things and just felt something amazing. I decided to get a BMX bike, a simple one to be honest. Weeks after that I saw a guy named Alejandro Marques doing some BMX tricks so I asked him what that style of riding was called and he said flatland. Alejandro went on to become one of my best mates.

I managed to discover the world of BMX Flatland through a website called hosted by Bobby Carter.

After a few years, pro rider Nathan Penonzek (one of the most influential guys on the BMX flatland scene) visited my country for a month.  The funny or curious part of this is that Nathan turned out to be the same person I saw for the first-time riding BMX flatland on Disney Channel! We became great friends. I remember that I felt embarrassed for a second when I asked him for an autograph. He just smiled and asked why. I told him the history about seeing him on TV all those years ago and he kneeled and said, “Thank you for giving me the best day of my life!”

When Nathan left my country, I decided to move on and so I started to import bicycle parts from the USA to help other riders progress.

I took part in my first competition abroad back in 2008 and that marked the beginning of a different life for me. I have since had the pleasure to meet so many people around the world.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My mum Nelly is the best inspiration for me.

What’s the best advice for someone starting out in flatland?

If you want to do something just try it. If you fail, try it again until you get it done. And never forget to enjoy what you’re doing.

Do you have a signature trick?

I have a no hands backyard balance. The feeling of this trick is freedom for a couple of seconds.

What’s the best thing about becoming a Cool Flo Rider?

I think Cool Flo is not only a brand, it’s a lifestyle combined with good vibes. I love the VW Combi and it is great to combine style and passion for the VW with a sponsor.

So, what’s your favourite item of Cool Flo?

The Go with the Flo Hoody and the Cool Flo Bus Cap.

If you had access to a Cool Flo camper van for a month where would you go and who would you take with you?

I’d take my wife - and the bike of course! I’d definitely drive around the UK and visit some Castles. I know Birmingham, Manchester, York and Liverpool a little bit so far but one of my goals is to have a van and travel around.

Cool Flo Rider - Miguel Pargas

What events are you most looking forward to this year?

The Ninja Spin in France hosted by Alex Jumelin (World Circuit 2nd stop), NASS World Championship and the Wheels and Fins Festival which is a UK Flatland championship hosted by Matti Hemmings in September. My dream is to participate in Flatark in Japan. That takes place in November and is the last stop of the World Circuit.

Well best of luck with all those events Miguel. We look forward to following your progress!

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Career Highlights

Venezuela National Champion in BMX Flatland (2009, 2010)
BMX Flatland Best trick winner - Caracas, Venezuela (2008, 2009, 2010)
Winner of Ticos Jam 5 - Costa Rica (2009)
Best trick winner Panama Flat (2009)
2nd place International Flatland - Pto La Cruz,Venezuela (2011)
4th place Sur American Flatland Comp, 2012
6th place Astrolabe Flatland Contest - Conde Sur, Noreau. France (2013)
5th place FISE 2013 The Festival International des Sports Extrêmes Worlds – France (2013)
4th place Ticos Jam 10 - Costa Rica (2014)
14/40 Trevlon Hall Exams - Trinidad & Tobago (2014)
34/40 Barcelona Extreme 2015 - Barcelona, Spain. (2015)
13/32 Summer Fest - Albi, France (2015)
86th BMX Flatland World Circuit (2015)
7th place UK Flatland BMX Championship

Images ©: @lazylittlefish