Brandon Block Clockstock interview - Cool Flo & Clockwork Orange

Posted on October 11 2023

Brandon Block Clockstock interview - Cool Flo & Clockwork Orange

Brandon Block chats with Cool Flo in our custom Volkswagen ‘Cooler’ at Clockstock 2023

"I’ve been rushing around the last few years. I’ve moved down to the South Coast now, and drove up to the Clockwork event after visiting my mum who lives in London. It’s been nice seeing Clockstock evolve. I like the site smaller, you get overwhelmed when it’s too far to walk between things. It’s nice to be able to go and say hello to everyone.

It’s lovely to be here. Clockwork Orange is special to me. Me, Andy and Danny have been friends for 30 odd years. Myself and Alex were instrumental in getting them over to Ibiza. Myself and Andy were obviously out there already for a couple of years doing Space. We spoke to Claire at El Paradiso, as we were playing there as well, and said you need to get this lot over. And that’s basically what happened, they came over, did the club and that summer was miraculous. Like it has been again now. Being friends for thirty years, it’s nice when your pals do well. And they’ve done well. Very bloody well.

Clockstock is a great event. Usually, festivals take a while to get on the calendar. But three years, and the gap with Covid, and it’s firmly placed. That tells you something because a lot of people are struggling now, with events, and life. To have this working away as it is, it’s fantastic.

You get a chance to say hello to most of the people you've seen play over the years. And you meet the young’uns as well that are coming through the ranks.

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And the three tracks I’d take a desert island? Even though it’s been played every single time I think I would take Alison Limerick’s Where Love Lives. A lot of people say you can’t keep playing these records over and over. But that one you can. George Benson’s Love Ballad and a Luther Vandross album would also be coming with me, anyone one of them. I think probably I Wanted Your Love or Busy Body to play over and over again."