Surfer Sam Russell joins Cool Flo

Posted on September 29 2015

Surfer Sam Russell joins Cool Flo

St Agnes surfer Sam Russell is the latest addition to the Cool Flo Riderz.

Sam has just turned 14 and started surfing in 2001 when he returned to the UK after living in Canada for 5 years.

Chops Lascelles is a very old friend of the family was partly the inspiration behind Sam picking up a surfboard. But it also helps that his older brother James (aka Rory Russell) was a pretty good surfer and shaper in his day too.

At last years Buntabout Sam made it to the quarter finals in the Under 18 age group, picking up the Most Promising Surfer Award in the process. More recently he took part in the O'Neill Surf Road Bus Competition at Sennen with his team coming first.

We’re very happy to have Sam Russell join the Cool Flo family and look forward to his continued success.