‘Remo’ the 1963 rally-racing Beetle

Posted on January 20 2015

Cool Flo are sponsoring lifelong friends Lorenzo Bosi and Giovanni Delporto and their '63 Beetle named Remo in the 2015 Winter Marathon.

The 2015 Winter Marathon takes place from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th January. It's an incredible adventure covering over 420 kilometres through the most beautiful streets of Trentino Alto Adige and the most fascinating dolomite passes.

This year's Winter Marathon will see Italians Lorenzo Bosi and Giovanni Delporto will drive Remo for 12 challenging consecutive hours in their Italian homeland, from Madonna di Campiglio to Canazei and back again.

Lorenzo (driver) and Giovanni (co driver) are both 35 years old and currently living in their home town of Parma in the north of Italy. Both sets of parents owning VW based vehicles throughout their child hood. As a result the duo dreamed of racing in a VW beetle from an early age. They have now owned Remo for 3 years, and given the car a mechanical overhaul and fresh paint.

Cool Flo hooked up with Lorenzo and Giovanni at the ‘TopVW’ show in Parma last summer. The work and effort Remo and Giovanni had put into their Beetle meant it really stood out for us at the show. Remo is of an outstanding quality, finished in its original L87 Pearl White colour with a full rag top sunroof.

Originally registered in Rome, Remo is now all race ready, running Vredestein sprint classic tyres on the original steel wheels. The Beetle also uses its original engine - confirmed by the VW museum which is simply epic. Little did this bug know that when it left the production line in ’63 that it would be racing in rallies over 50 years later.

Remo in action during the 2013 Parma-Poggio Berceto event

Remo entered 7 rallies throughout Italy last season putting the 1192cc engine through its paces. The Bug has raced against some prolific racers including 356 Porsches and early Jaguars, even managing a 2nd place and podium finish at May’s Bologna Rally in 2014. With a top speed of 115kmh and running original drum brakes, we’re guessing it must make for some real hair raising experiences on those downhill descents with hair pin turns. Almost makes us want to sign up ourselves!

The race season can become quite costly for teams with fuel, travel and hotel stays adding up (not to mention the add on of a full mechanical crew for the longer rallies). Lorenzo and Giovanni really love entering as underdogs with lots of Porsche and other high spec vehicle entering to compete. But the reliability of the VW beetle has shone through and help them in good stead on the points tables throughout the season.

In fact Remo suffered only one break down in 15 rallies, suffering a fuel pump failure whilst climbing the mountains in the Franciacorta Historic Rally, sadly costing the team a podium spot.

Lorenzo reflects on the other classic rally cars shooting by and the top ten places disappearing in front of their own eyes, ‘The 20 minute fuel pump failure felt like 2 hours and unfortunately we never caught up on this lost time. Nevertheless one breakdown in all these hours of racing is an awesome achievement for Remo. With his ‘Herbie’ like characteristics it’s a car you just can’t wait to compete in.”
Lorenzo continues, “the engine tone pinking away letting you know the stresses and strains its under whist racing, it almost feels like the Bug’s talking to us and telling us how to drive and when to push harder. It really is a pleasure to own and drive.”

Remo is certainly a true test of the engineering, durability and handling of the VW Beetle that the Carter Bros. have grown to love. Cool Flo is proud to support Remo. And Lorenzo and Giovanni too.


Congratulations Lorenzo Bosi and Giovanni!

The guys completed the Winter Marathon on Sunday. They finished a fantastic 11th place in their category against some stiff competition. Great work!

Keep an eye out for Lorenzo and Giovanni at the 2015 VolksWorld Show when they drive Remo over from Italy, albeit in a more relaxed fashion than their recent rally marathon.