Cool Flo Riders

Cool Flo's current line-up of sponsored riders are listed below.
If you skate, ride, snowboard or surf and think you've got what it takes to join 'em, then get in touch!


Tom Dixon-Smith - Surf

This teenager is about to hit the surfing world by storm.
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Tim Prescott - Skate

Tim Prescott - Cool Flo RiderTim’s been skating since he was 11 and landed the world’s first backflip.
See him in action here

Jak Tones - BMX

Cool Flo Rider: Jak TonesJak Tones is the 2016 iBMXff AM World Champion who counts joiing the Cool Flo Riders as one of his career highlights.
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Miguel Pargas - BMX

Miguel PargasMiguel is an award-winning flatland rider from South America who first got his first BMX bike 16 years go.
Read more about Miguel on the Cool Flo Blog.

Sol Hawkins - SURF / SKATE

Sol Hawkins
Sol is a keen surfer and skater, born and raised in Cornwall.
Read more about Sol on the Cool Flo Blog.

El Rico Camargo - SKATE

Nicknamed Rico, this Columbian currenlty lives in Southampton.
Skating for 15 years, Rico's favourite trick is a one foot frontside air.

Chris Jackson - BMX

Chris is from Gillingham and has learnt his craft after spending 5 years on trials, 1 year on MTB and 2 years on BMX. Chris loves popping a nosedive 360 or whiplash (footjam tailwhip) and used to be called Dingle.

Ollie Palmer - BMX

This British rider from Colyton has spent 7 years riding.
Also known as Polly, his favourite trick is a 360 lookback.

Martyn Cooper - BMX

'Coops' is from Kettering and has 13 years riding experience.

Isaac Maxwell - SKATE

Born in 2002, Londoner Isaac has been skating for 6 years.
Isaac's favourite trick is a tuck knee.

Seth Maxwell - SKATE

Seth is Isaac's younger brother but despite giving away 2 years in age, has been skating for the same amount of time. Seth loves pulling off a clean 360 air.

Joseph Morris - SURF

Surfer Joseph is from Talbot in Wales. Joseph was the highest ranked UK Surfer
in the under 14's 2014 championships in the Azores and is now ranked 11th in Europe.

Tom Justice - BMX

Tom is certainly iconic and known for his fluid riding style, massive air and long dreads.  He started riding intensively at 16, and has since appeared on a Question Of Sport as his quest to go higher than anyone else continues. In 2013, Tom came 1st place at the 2013 XSA Backyard Jam in Russia with additional podium spots at the Cycle Show and Boardmasters.

The 'Big Air' Cool Flo tee is based on a photo of BMXer Tom Justice.


Murphy Smith - BMX

We love this shot of Murphy, he's one class act.

Craig Teague - BMX

Craig Teague has been riding BMX for 12 years and is known for his smooth trails style and love of going fast and high. A believer of style over tricks Craig prefers the aesthetics and magnitude of riding over the latest riding trends. Craig rides in shows and competitions all over the World and has rode in countries such as Dubai, Australia, America, France and the Czech Republic. Craig has also worked with major brands for TV and magazine promotions including Samsung, GQ magazine, Argos and ITV.


Noé Larochaix - Snowboard

Noé Larochaix is a snowbaorder of from in the French Alps. Aged just 13, he’s already won the French Snowboard Championship title for his age category in several discipline: Parralèle giant, slopestyle and combined, plus a 3rd place finish in boardercross. His favourite trick is the front side 360 sad and 720 front grab. When not on the Noé enjoys skateboarding and surfing.


Sam Russell - Surf

Cool Flo surfer Sam Russell
Sam started surfing in 2001 when he returned to the UK after living in Canada for 5 years. Chops Lascelles is a very old friend of the family was partly the inspiration behind Sam picking up a surfboard. But it also helps that his older brother James (aka Rory Russell) was a pretty good surfer and shaper in his day too. One to watch!